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Understanding the past to create the future

The MetaTool project aims to understand how cognition evolved to allow for tool invention and creation to serve as the basis for developing future technologies.

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Archaeology, Neuroscience, & Robotics join forces to investigate robots that invent tools

Tool invention is an outstanding technological milestone in human history. If we understand these processes, a similar breakthrough can be envisioned in engineering.


To achieve it, METATOOL will investigate computational models of synthetic awareness based on human metacognition and validate them in robotic experiments.

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The MetaTool Project is proudly funded by
the European Innovation Council of the EU

Save Your Spot

  • Archeological site robot performance
    Year 3 of the MetaTool project (2024-2025)
    Polytechnic University of Madrid
    During this on-site educative event, participants will get to know more about how human history was affected by our transition from tool-use to tool creation – learning from our past to create the future .
  • Ethical debate on "Conscious robots and synthetic awareness technologies"
    Year 2 of the MetaTool project (2023-2024)
    Online Event
    What are the implications of synthetic awareness technologies for society? Is MetaTool effectively creating "conscious robots"? Hosted by Anil Seth (Science, Consciousness), Ricardo Sanz (Engineering, Robotics) and invited panelists.
  • Gendered Technology Symposium
    Year 2 of the MetaTool project (2023-2024)
    This symposium will target common misconceptions related to over-attributions of tool making and technology to the male domain. Topics: gender data gap, normalizing a male past and present, unworkable theories and solutions, current and future relevance. Hosted by Geeske Langejans (TU Delft).
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