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Unveiling Innovations: MetaTool Meeting in Barcelona

At the end of last year, amidst the backdrop of architectural wonders and cultural richness in Barcelona, the MetaTool project convened an essential meeting at the esteemed facilities of Pal Robotics. Over the course of two days, from October 19th to October 20th, 2023, the experts from MetaTool gathered to delve into the forefront of cognitive research and robotics innovation.


The meeting commenced with a warm welcome from Universidad Politecnica Madrid (UPM) and Pal Robotics (PAL), setting the stage for two days of intensive collaboration and exploration. With the objectives outlined by UPM and CSIC, participants delved into the heart of the project's work packages.

After that, TU Delft led the discussion, providing updates and insights into the foundational aspects of the project, sparking lively debates and exchanges among attendees. Following a brief coffee break, the focus shifted to MetaTool's exploration of awareness, with contributions from UPM and TUD shedding light on the project's groundbreaking endeavors.


CSIC and Utrechtse Ondernemers Sociëteit (UOS) then presented updates and engaged in discussion, further deepening the understanding of the project's objectives and methodologies. A well-deserved lunch break provided an opportunity for networking and informal discussions, fostering connections among participants.


The afternoon session showcased demonstrations of TIAGo++, providing a hands-on experience of the project's robotic advancements, courtesy of PAL. This interactive session offered attendees a glimpse into the future of robotics and its potential applications in tool invention and creation. The day concluded with updates and discussions led by UPM, followed by a strategic Steering Committee Meeting, laying the groundwork for future project directions.


Day two of the MetaTool meeting began with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm. UPM and PAL welcomed participants once again, setting the tone for a day focused on project management and strategic planning.


Starting of day two of the MetaTool meeting, Senta took the lead in discussing updates and strategies, providing valuable insights into the project's progress and future directions. This was followed by UPM’s discussion, highlighting the importance of effective project management in achieving MetaTool's objectives.


As participants bid farewell to Barcelona and the fruitful discussions it hosted, they left with a renewed sense of purpose and determination to advance the frontiers of cognitive research and robotics innovation through the MetaTool project.

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